Skill-based Debate BINGO You Can Actually Play

The absurdly determined top 10 GOP candidates will debate on Fox News debate tonight at 8pm Central time. There’s plenty of BINGO and drinking games floating around the internet, but for most, keeping track of them all while watching the debate is virtually impossible. Here’s my design with improved playability and an added element of skill:


  1. Fill out a blank BINGO card before the debate begins. No editing during the debate.
  2. All options must be candidate specific. For the “________:” options, fill in a candidate of your choice, again, before the start of the debate.
  3. There is no free space, so choose the option you believe is most likely to happen for the center square. There are more options than the 25 spaces, so choose and arrange wisely. Do not use one of the options more than once.

This way, you only have to keep track of 2-3 options for each candidate while they are speaking. Statements in quotes must be said verbatum by the indicated candidate.

Here are your options:

__________: Complains about format/time (Not split debate)

__________: Criticizes split debate format

__________: Attacks Hillary Clinton (not just mention)

__________: Attacks Obama (not just mention)

__________: Speaks in the third person / says their own name

__________: Name drops Benjamin Netanyahu

__________: Criticizes the Republican Party

__________: “2nd amendment”

__________: Mentions Bernie Sanders

__________: Speaks Spanish

__________: “Greatest nation/country in the world”

__________: “Department of Education”

__________: “I am not a” doctor/scientist/mind-reader/expert/etc.

Donald Trump: Brags about his financial success

Donald Trump: Says that he likes someone

Donald Trump: Says that someone likes him

Jeb Bush: Refers to his dad or his brother

Jeb Bush: Tries to be funny, probably fails

Scott Walker: Mentions Midwest or Wisconsin values

Mike Huckabee: Uses a southern cliché (guns, grits, gravy, BBQ)

Mike Huckabee: Uses Freedom of Religion to defend freedom to oppress

Mike Huckabee: “Disagree”

Ben Carson: Mentions God or his faith

Ben Carson: Uses his authority as a doctor to criticize Obamacare

Ted Cruz: Mentions Reagan

Ted Cruz: Compares Democrats to Stalin/Hitler/Mao

Marco Rubio: Talks about his parents

Rand Paul: Uses a rhetorical question (What right does the government have to set speed limits?)

Chris Christie: Describes himself as telling it like it is, telling the truth, or being honest

Chris Christie: “I’ve said this before”, “As I’ve said before”

John Kasich: “God fearing” or “good Christian”

John Kasich: “Here in Ohio”

Print your blank card: BINGO


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